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Purple Robotics ApS Premium CVR-nr 38678655
Robot og automatisering
Grønlandsgade 27, 1.sal Odense C
New start-up company
Founded in 2017 by former Global Compliance Officer and electronics engineer Lasse Kieffer with many years of experience with collaborative robots (cobots).
Purple Robotics expects to develop accessories for collaborative robots, e.g. UR3, UR5 and UR10 in 2017/2018 such as I/O expansion.
Purple Robotics also offers assistance to other robot companies; i.e. help with:
- Collaborative safety requirements and approval
- Standards and standardisation (ISO, IEC, UL etc.)
- Certification processes (TÜV, Notified Bodies under 2006/42/EC)
- Electronics review (Reliability, PLd, EMC, Industrial quality)
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Lasse Kieffer
Tlf.: 61791189