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Maersk Training A/S Premium CVR-nr 32570119
Maritim og Offshore 150 medarbejdere
Dyrekredsen 4 5700 Svendborg
Aktieselskab Etableret: 01-10-2009
We train organisations, crews and individuals in the Oil & Gas, Maritime and Wind industry how to improve safety and operational performance, in offshore and maritime operations. We always train as close to real life as possible, teaching you how to handle challenging situations.

Maersk Training covers a wide field of offshore industries and training needs, targeting each field with specific 
expertise. But we always teach and train according to our basic values, a Maersk Training way of thinking with 
“Uprightness, Humbleness and Constant Care” in mind.

Based on a safety culture
Risks can be minimised. This is true for human health and lives, and for the economy, production and the environment. Maersk Training is based on a safety culture that focuses on eliminating risks by being prepared. From technical skills to communication, our training improves both performance and safety for increased competitive edge.

Learning by experience
Learning is better retained when it is put into use. Our training is about more than theory – it is based on methods that involve people and bring knowledge into operation. This philosophy goes for both the classroom and for practical training.

Training to be prepared
It is a basic principle of Maersk Training that being prepared for challenges improves safety and productivity. At Maersk Training, we train people to be prepared so that they can handle real life situations.

Training for your own reality
The true value of training is demonstrated in the real working environment. We make sure that our training is as close and relevant to your working environment as possible. The experience of our trainers, our flexibility and dialogue with our clients are important tools.

The right training for the right needs
Respecting our clients' training investment means providing the training that meets their needs. For this reason, aligning expectations, defining exact needs and targeting training to meet those needs are important parts of the process.

Setting the standards
Industry standards not only improve safety, they may also improve productivity and cooperation. Maersk Training trains according to the highest industry standards, but we are also involved in setting new standards and defining assessments by advising industries, institutes and authorities around the globe.

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Johan Uggla
Jacob Raffnsøe Petz
Tlf.: +45 20 16 24 46
Maria Iben Matthiesen
Head of HR
Tlf.: +45 28 60 11 52
Thorbjørn Anhøj
Tlf.: +45 20 46 62 08
Joakim Reinholdt
Business Developer and M&A
Tlf.: +45 70 26 32 83
Jan Matthiesen
Group HSEQ & Compliance Officer
Leif Meitilberg
Head of Group IT
Kim Kristensen
Global Sales Manager
Tlf.: +45 40 25 75 99
Alex Nielsen
Global Sales Manager
Tlf.: +45 93 60 73 00
Linda Bille
Group Senior Controller
Tlf.: +45 29 38 99 12
Kim Laursen
Head of Well Control Services
Per Larsen
Global Product Line Manager
Anders Vestergaard
Group Finance Controller
Claus Bihl
Senior Advisor